“Our interest-based early resolution methods achieve outcomes that cannot be reached through litigation and late stage settlement.”
  • We serve healthcare providers, third party payers and patients in conflict, using impartial, tailored approaches
  • Healthcare Dispute Resolutions Group saves our clients substantial expense, while improving the process and outcome for everyone involved.
  • We utilize a team of two complementary, unbiased professionals: (1) a respected and experienced physician with a broad-based knowledge of medicine and health systems working with (2) a highly-skilled dispute resolution specialist with extensive knowledge in healthcare

The Advantages to You:

These are some clear advantages to you in engaging Healthcare Dispute Resolutions Group

  1. Consensual and carries no risk, which offers a marked and valuable contrast to high risk alternatives.
  2. Active Engagement because the parties themselves, not just their representatives, become directly engaged in pursuing mutual solutions to accomplish their interests and business objectives, yielding a result that, in the end makes sense to all parties. While all disputes are of import to the client, many disputes are ill-suited to the “one size fits all” process of litigation, with its customary posturing, adversarial negotiation and last-minute mediation to avoid a trial.
  3. Far Less Costly and you will know the cost because the scope and cost are set prior to engagement.
  4. The Parties Are in Control since the process is entirely consensual, allowing a full opportunity to express views and pursue objectives without concern for having an outcome imposed by a third-party judge or adjudicator.
  5. Confidential unless otherwise agreed. Litigation, by contrast, is not confidential and can become public, creating adverse publicity and perception.
  6. Solution Focused on the interests of the parties and what they really care about. Disputes, which usually are considered burdens to be managed, can become opportunities to advance personal and business needs.
  1. Timely because we can start immediately upon agreement to proceed and resolution can be achieved in days, rather than months or years
  2. Informative for providers, patients, or other disputants, as each obtains a deeper understanding of what caused the dispute, giving relief to patients and insights to organizations about improving care and enhancing performance moving forward. HDRG’s tailored processes can lead to a finality and closure that becomes entirely achievable at the early stage of disputes.
  3. Neutral and impartial and motivated solely by HDRG’s commitment to assist the parties in reaching a fair and sensible outcome that meets their objective.